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These are a few of my favorite things… (from A to Z)

After I resolved to not beat myself up for my “constructive discontent” tendencies last night, today was just what I had hoped a day in Zone Gratitude would be…  I knew what today’s challenge was going to entail (make an A to Z list of things I’m grateful for), and in strange ways, the anticipation of writing this blog entry tonight had altered the lens through which I experienced today and its events.

So what’s different?  I paid attention.  I found myself going through the day with greater alertness, savoring each moment as if evaluating, “I wondering if S is for singing Hush Little Baby Don’t Say a Word?”  And thus, the details of the day took on extra vibrancy, as if I was living La Vida Kodak Chrome.  I guess that is the intent of the Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge, to help me become more present and see the “red wheel barrows” in my life, right?

With no further ado, here’s a list of things from A to Z that I am grateful for, inspired by the events of today…

A is for Abracadabra (the way my four year-old says it as he entertains a crowd of my friends with his magic tricks)

B is for Blogging (if you’re reading this you can see I’m kind of into it now, though it’s only my 3rd entry)

C is for Chubbiness (my two-year who still has it in sweet abundance)

D is for Don Draper (finally got around to watching Season 3 premier tonight)

E is for Egg Cooker (do you own one?  it will change your life)

F is for Fuschia (my secret feel-good color)

G is for Good Night Moon (just say “In the great green room” and it transports me to a special place)

H is for Hubby

I is for Israel Kamakawawi’ole singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

J is for Jazz playing in the background as I write this entry

K is for Kisses (the kids shower me with them for a good five minutes before I leave for work every morning)

L is for Lu’au (had so much fun hosting a lu’au party for the Tiny Prints Marketing Team)

M is for Mai Tai (see “L”)

N is for Nanny (our kids love her as if she is part of our family; I’m grateful for how she takes care of all of us really)

O is for Open Office Environment (so lively and full of opportunities to interact spontaneously and eavesdrop)

P is for Pork Kalua (ok, ok, it’s Kalua Pork, but it’s also 12:36am)

Q is for Q-Link (you know who you are, don’t laugh, it works)

R is for Ruffle Skirts

S is for Summer (the weather couldn’t have been more perfect this evening)

T is for Tiny Prints (I know I’m lucky to work for a company whose products I have long adored)

U is for Uncluttered House (had to clean it up for the Lu’au party; feels so good to be rid of clutter!)

V is for Voila! (stumped here so I googled “beautiful words that start with “V” and like the first result!  Viva SEO!)

W is for Watermelon prints on my daughter’s jammies

X is for X-factor (only compelling word I can think of starting with X…)

Y is for Yard (so much time spent there and so many happy memories in our own backyard)

Z is for Ziploc bags (yumm…  so much leftover Lu’au food for the rest of the week)

Now, that was so much fun!  What a great way to end the day.  Much to look forward to tomorrow.

  1. August 19, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I almost put Ziplock baggies for my Z too! Truly, I use them for everything! 🙂

  2. August 19, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I like ‘O’ in your list: ( open office environment)

    At my university, they said all the full length glass doors and windows are for:
    a) to let natural daylight in, and save energy
    b) to promote an open culture, and maintain transparency.

  3. E.
    August 19, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    haha I love this post! I put x-factor for x too.. how funny 🙂

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