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Hoop dancing down memory lane…

The gods overseeing the Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge must have been conspiring, arranging a meeting between myself and my long lost friend Janet for a while…  Day 4 of the Challenge asked that we see the good in something “negative”.  Day 6 asked that we connect with someone we haven’t in a long time.  Re-uniting with Janet was meant to be, helping me meet both challenges.

A few days ago, some unexplained bug on Facebook caused me to inadvertently spam EVERY single person I have ever corresponded with via email, inviting them to “check out my photos” on Facebook.   I mean everyone.  My mortgage broker, CEOs from companies I interviewed with once in the past, ex-boyfriends…!  I can’t overstate my embarrassment and subsequent episode of anxiety attack.   Out of the disaster did come some good.  I did pick up some Facebook friends as a result, all actually from people  I had meant to invite anyway.   But there was one reply that surprised me.  From Janet.

Janet was my very first hire back in my ad agency days in New York over a decade ago.  We worked together during the day.  We hung out at night.  We walked down the streets of Manhattan buzzed on cosmos (it was the 90s after all) and picked out cute guys to talk to for each other.  We were inseparable for a while.  Then life took us in different directions.  Janet continued to live the glamorous life in New York and Shanghai, while my path took me to settle down  in suburban mommyville.   In Janet’s email she said that she happened to be in the Bay Area and wanted to meet up.  I jumped at the opportunity.  We met tonight and caught up on a decade of life over wine and biscotti.  I so enjoyed hearing about Janet’s adventures, her career as a marketer, pilates instructor, and now most impressively a hoop dancing teacher. The evening ended with us in my yard, me  hula hoop dancing to her instructions.  It was the most fun the Fieler household has seen on a school night in a while (ok, at least since last Tuesday’s lu’au.)

After Janet left, I got to thinking about how much I cherished our brief time together tonight.  I almost felt as if I got a little piece of my self back.  For a couple of hours, I felt I was back in my 20s skin again– the sense of embarking on an exciting adventure to Destination Unknown, the wide-eyed optimism for what my future held, and the zest with which we just pursued pure fun, tonight in the form of hoop dancing…  Ironically, reconnecting with Janet also made me realize that at the core I am still that very same person I was a decade ago.  This realization made me smile inside.   It rekindled a spark that I now promise myself to keep alive.

So tonight I am grateful for old friends.  Old friends hold the magical power of bringing back bits of yourself that you may have forgotten are part of you.  How wonderful is that?!

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