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Back on the Gratitude Wagon, eh, Barrow

I fell off the gratitude wagon (or as my colleague Lea jokingly said my “red wheel barrow”) the last week.  Not sure if it’s any relationship, but I also gained 4 pounds during this same period…  (Tip to Lea, we should market weight loss/maintenance as an unintended benefit of the Gratitude Challenge.  I’m sure this will get the whole (at least female half of the) world participating in the Challenge!)

I have so many excuses and really no excuse.  Hubby has been traveling for work so I’ve been a single parent…  Had to step up my game and end my prolonged nanny search with school back in session next week, and interviewing +20 nannies a week has taken a lot of time…  Work has been insanely busy with our big Holiday season and 2010 planning around the corner…  I can only live off of four and half hours of sleep a night for so long.  My list of whiny excuses goes on and on.  The truth of the matter is, when it comes time to choose, things I do for myself,  such as writing which I so enjoy, or exercising which I so don’t enjoy, are always the first to go…

So it’s very apropos that today’s  Gratitude Challenge task is:  “Take the time to focus on yourself”…

I thereby recommit to the Gratitude Challenge, recommit to giving myself the permission to indulge in doing things for me.  And besides, I desperately need the high from being in the gratitude zone to keep me away from Tiny Prints’ well-stocked kitchen full of sugary snacks.

You can expect me back on my red wheel barrow, in style, from hereon until the end of the Challenge, and maybe even much longer.

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